Wiloj Chanwisut, known by the alias Chimeister, is a familiar presence in the realm of electronic music in Thailand.

Recognized within the underground music community, Chi holds the status of a seasoned professional, having been actively involved since 2002. His musical journey commenced at Hole In The Wall, an iconic establishment situated along the renowned Khao San Road in Bangkok. In addition to this notable venue,

Chi’s musical prowess has graced other prominent locations within the expansive cityscape, including Levels and Glow Night Club.

As his career unfolded, Chi’s path led him to explore the enchanting island landscapes. Amidst the shores of Koh Chang, he was a regular fixture at venues like Ting Tong Bar and the former Siam Hut Resort. Further expanding his sonic footprint, he ventured to Koh Lipe, where his performances resonated within the walls of the illustrious Zodiac Beach Bar and Maya Bar.

Chi’s familiarity with the vibrant scene extended to the ever-popular Koh Phangan, where he contributed his beats to celebrated festivals such as Peace and Love.

Currently taking residence in the southern region, Chi now holds the esteemed title of resident DJ at Ozone, Pangea, and Fusion, all nestled within the exquisite haven of Koh Lanta.

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