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Joint Jazz

From the UMT office today, we have been debating on what to listen to. Something we could all like and worthy of sharing. We all finally found one that we all could agree on. It suits the warm midweek vibes. Today, we present to you Simon Adams, an artist from Italy who is no stranger to the House music scene. Simon entered the world of House and tribal sounds about 23 years ago. Inspired by beats of Spanish House, Simon […]

todayFebruary 8, 2023 81

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Dejala Freak

Chicago Born Dj/Producer, Elias R is back with a two-track smash EP.  While both are absolute masterpieces, out of the two, our favourite is the one from Side A. Our choice features Dejala Freak, a pounding groove with just a touch of cheeky vocals that fit perfectly for a belter in a nightclub. Definitely one to add to your playlist if you intend to set the decks and the dancefloor on fire. Elias R's productions are influenced by sounds of […]

todayDecember 27, 2022 37


My Soul

Well into the week, some of us are starting to feel a little exhausted (the grey and wet weather surely doesn't help). From our desk, we found this absolute banger to wake us up and soldier on through the week. To help us get closer to the weekend with energy, "My Soul" from Heartbeat DJ of Marktek Records fits the bill just right. A highly energetic Tech House track that would bring the house down with such huge bass and […]

todayJuly 20, 2022 42

Deep Tech

Tuff Luck

Still a rather rainy week, our choice for Hump Day is UK's James Poole's "Tuff Luck". James has rapidly established himself as an artist. This time, he works with HOTTRAX and gifts us with this naughty sound. A little bit of Tech House, a little bit of Deep Tech, there is a distinctive old-school sound fused with extremely deep and dark low ends. Absolute ear candy in our office. Have a listen here. Here

todayJuly 13, 2022 50

Deep Tech

Cheeky Deep Tech

Being a Friday, we are in a bit of a cheeky mood. Jason Xmoon's "You" definitely fits our vibe in the UMT office. A talented artist with many credentials, Jason is also the owner/founder of the label Deep Tech Lab. Our track of choice comes from this gem of a label. To get into the same Friday mood as us, have a listen here: Here

todayJune 17, 2022 35


Looking at Proudly People

Our midweek fascination is on this highly energetic track by Proudly People, a duo who joined forces at the end of 2011. Proudly People envision having fun with sound, as proudly as possible. Matching sexy grooves with hot and heavy beats has always been their trademark. Their work has attracted many labels and this EP is no different. In "Look", we see them working with SK Recordings. This is truly a fire release and both tracks on this EP are fascinating. But from […]

todayMay 24, 2022 34