Born in Portugal, African by heart, Thai by nature. Receiving a ZX Spectrum 128k in 1994, was the spark for Marcos to embrace the technological side of life and start programming in Pascal and Basic 3+. Having always a special aptitude for anything that had a circuit imprinted on it, he pursuited to study basic electronics and computer technologies, having studied several language codes and coursed in UAE with Nokia for micro-electronics. A career on radio technologies would eventually arouse, having its hype on the heading a response team in Nokia-Siemens Portugal.

He finds music in between interludes of his path to achieve the successful life in the corporate world, having then skipped classes to learn how to play guitar; today he still learning how to master several types of percussion drums. African rhythms and percussion instruments are his thing.

However, music had been forever part of his life. It’s now 20 years since he first bought his first pair of Technics 1210  and started to mix his first records from labels like Axis, Tresor, Plus 8 or NovaMute, having completely changed his way of seeing and listening to music, after being introduced to the nuances of Techno, Disco and House music from the producers at that time. He still keeps and extensive but modest collection of 12″ in his personal studio wall, has if a bygone ion has passed. Since then, he has mingled between a myriad of never definitive projects, like DJ residencies at several clubs in Lisbon and Algarve, with the support of some of the most influent DJ artists at that time. Some of residencies include the infamous O2 club in Lisbon or the less unpretentious Privé at Lagos, Algarve.

After performing at several clubs and events in Portugal – and having never considering himself a professional  – he would still perform at the same events and/or venues where lineups included names like Silicone Soul, Jeff Mills, Jesus Del Campo, Josh Wink or the Portuguese very own Dj Vibe, Mário Roque AKA Xman or Mastiksoul.

Meanwhile, professionally, life has brought him success – by his own definition – and some peace of mind, by engineering and optimizing servers for Google. His last 4 years in Thailand have defined more of what he is today, spiritually, hence, developing another musical sense and taste, following his recent learnings on Southeast Asian percussion instruments. Music is, has been and always will be a refuge from the corporate world – so he opted to follow the underground movement from another professional perspective and have music has a “need to take” pill. Has an amateur DJ, he does not have defined genres when performing. Always with the dancefloor under eye, he’s very dinamic and experimental in mixing clear genres – he’s goes where he needs to put some smiles on danceflorians face. However, he’s known for his preference for african rhythms and tribal energy.

Amongst other projects, today he optimizes servers for Google Cloud computing but still manages several other web infrastructures related to the clubbing scene, including from LX Music, the largest event promoteur in Portugal.

He is a regular on several clubs in the island but holding a monthly residency at Ozone Beach Club.

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