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todayNovember 6, 2022 24

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Some updates have been made to our favourite online music streaming service and share space Mixcloud. As of December 1st, they have made some changes that would have affected most of us who are frequent users and uploaders of the service. is also a member and we are fully aware this would have an impact on our uploads. When we say our uploads, we mean your shows. As you, our members are aware, after your show has been broadcasted on our station, it would end up on our Mixcloud channel for further listening to your (and our) followers.

However, with our much-loved and ever-popular platform growing, so are the costs to the site. As of the beginning of December 2022, any Mixcloud member who is not a pro member would not be able to upload any more shows if they have exceeded the numbers allowed for a free member. Simply put, if you, as a member has exceeded the upload limit of ten shows, you will not be allowed to upload anymore, unless you make some changes or sign up for a Pro account.

To fully understand everything, please read about it right HERE. This page answers all your questions and helps you solve any issues you may have.

Having said that, we decided to upgrade to the Pro account. With our number of followers and members ever-growing (1000+ followers on Mixcloud by the way. Thanks guys!), it totally makes sense and was the right thing to do for all of us. In other words, not to worry, your shows are not going anywhere. They are still available for members and listeners to continue enjoying on our channel on Mixcloud. Also, with our growing numbers, this also means that the chances of your show hitting the charts increases exponentially. As a result, you, our members and artist increase their exposure as well.

To conclude, our goal is to increase exposure for all our artists/DJ’s as much as we can. Without you, we would not be where we are today. Let’s keep the grind going and keep growing together.

Thank you, everyone!

Written by: Vimal Pawa

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